The Füglister organ Manufacture was founded in 1960 by Hans-Jakob Füglister. The head office is located at Grimisuat en Valais.

Over the past decades we have established a national and international reputation in the field of traditional instrument restoration and new organ builds.

Our company is located in one of the major traditional organ production areas in Switzerland. We are currently restoring around one hundred traditional organs and building 150 new instruments in Switzerland.

We are particularly privileged to own our own foundry and piping facility, which means that we are fully independent and we are fully in control of the entire instrument restoration process.

Our remarkable team of mechanical experts, cabinet-makers, leather-workers and tuning experts ensure that our services are truly outstanding.

  • In 2004, we restored the organ in the Basilica de la Valière in Sion, Switzerland, the world’s oldest fully-operational organ.
  • In 2007, we built a new instrument at Kagoshima in Japan.


Manufacture d’orgues Füglister Sàrl
Route de Saxonne 14, 1974 Arbaz

+41 27 398 24 36


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