Orgue Mooser | Restored 1999 | 6 I/P

  1. Bourdon 8′
  2. Gambe 8′
  3. Principal 4′
  4. Flûte 4′
  5. Flûte bouchée 4′
  6. Flageolet 2′


  1. Octave 8′

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The organ before the restoration was a pneumatic instrument of poor quality. However, Mr. François Seydoux, the cantonal expert for historical monuments, discovered that the instrument contained a large amount of old material from an organ built by Aloys Mooser at the beginning of the 19th century, of which the front cover and the pipework still remained. It was established that even older stops, partly from S. Manderscheidt, had already been reused by Aloys Moser. The pipework was therefore restored (except for the Principal 8′ stop) and is thus the oldest in the canton.

The similarity of this instrument to the one in Hauterive could be demonstrated and allowed the organ builder Füglister to reproduce the historical substance of the case, console, action and windchests.